Africa Speaks’ mission is to help establish a flourishing Christian publishing industry in Africa.

Africa Speaks sprouted in 2018 as an informal network of publishing professionals from around the globe united in a common goal: to establish a viable and flourishing Christian publishing industry in Africa and grow into a thriving professional network.



Our Africa Speaks Publishing Discipleship Program pairs eligible practitioners, as disciples, from the African Christian community with experienced professional mentors to encourage entrepreneurship, best industry practices, and facilitate the communication of their aspirations, ideas, and works to the wider community.

The program provides a range of training, collaboration, and partnership programs to help these promising disciples achieve the potential we know they are capable of. Our mentors run group training sessions and provide personalized feedback to participants so they can build their capacity and develop their expertise in the publishing industry.

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Edward Elliott

Publisher, United States

“I see African authors being trained and published in growing numbers, their books being made available in countries across the continent, distribution networks being established, e-books and print-on-demand technology enabling realistic prices, royalties being paid, publishers and booksellers able to earn a reasonable living, and African titles impacting both Africa and the worldwide church.”

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Posted by Vincent de Paul LELE (vincent2023) (2023-07-18 11:49:40)

Hi Everyone

I am a new comer in this forum. Vincent de Paul LELE from Cameroon. I am a publisher, more fluent in French than in English, but I can communicate. I am happy to join this community.

More later.


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Bible Translation Workshop in Namibia

Posted by Dustin Wilson (dwilsonsilintl) (2023-06-30 20:09:44)

SIL International and The Word For The World is seeking a reliable, quality printer in Namibia for a Bible Translation Workshop that is schedule to start on July 17th. If you have any recommendations or know of any potential printers in Namibia. Please contact me directly: publications_intl@sil.org . The request is 24 copies of Bible Translation 4th Edition by Katy Barnwell and the 4 copies of .... Read more


5-9th NOV 2023

LittAfrica Publishing Conference

Gaborone, Botswana

LittAfrica is a gathering of authors, publishers, and Christian media professionals with a heart for God and a passion to use the written word to impact their nations. LittAfrica 2023 will focus on the power of the written word to impart hope, and explore how the publishing industry can contribute to this mission.

27th SEP 2023

3rd ASROCO Issue Presentation


This presentation, exploits ACTS’ experiences to bring out the challenges posed by issues of dishonesty, while exploring innovative strategies for recruiting and retaining staff. It also presents an overview of the experiences of other Christian institutions in the field of personnel management. Register below.

5-9th MARCH 2024

Africa Speaks Roundtable Consultation

Nairobi, Kenya

Following the signing of the Africa Speaks 2018 Accord, we have been building the network for the last five years have thoroughly assessed the pressing needs in the Christian publishing industry in Africa. This will be a gathering to deliberate on the key issues and chart the way forward as a network.


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