Africa Booksellers Survey 2022

The Rationale

The Africa Booksellers Survey 2022 seeks to understand how books are distributed in a country, which are the best-selling titles, what’s the price the locals are willing to purchase a book, who are the leading local authors and what genres are the most popular among christians in the country. By visiting local booksellers and engaging with them, Africa Speaks is looking to gather accurate data on the state of publishing in African Citites. This data is crucial for decision making in building a flourishing Christian publishing industry. Another major goal is to put together a comprehensive directory of Christian publishing professionals on the continent. The data collected will be organized and structured into a listing of the best talent available among publishing professionals in Africa and help the players understand the various expertise available and geographical coverage. The survey will also help establish an in-depth understanding of the history of Christian publishing in each country and the contextual dynamics that influence the present practice.

Country Reports

Click on a country to view a brief report and watch the trailer for the country’s documentary.