Africa Speaks sprouted in 2018 as an international network of publishing professionals from around the globe united in a common goal: to establish a viable and flourishing Christian publishing industry in Africa and grow into a thriving professional network. We are driven by our core belief that a strong publishing industry will enable the African Christian community to share their beliefs, ideas, and works within the continent and the world. In doing so, we can spread God’s message to new audiences.



  • We have come together as an international network of professionals committed to a flourishing Christian publishing industry in Africa.

  • We thank God for his gift of the written word. We believe publishing—in its broadest sense—is a powerful tool to give voice to the heart and hope of Africa.

  • We believe a flourishing Christian publishing industry in Africa is an important component of fulfilling the mission of God and will benefit the people of Africa and the whole world.

  • We believe in the strategic role of publishing as a means of transforming lives, nurturing the church, influencing society, and shaping culture with biblical truth and values.

  • We acknowledge that we are not keeping pace with the need for excellent, contextual Christian content to serve the African continent’s growing church and to provide hungry readers with a message of hope and Good News. For us, it can no longer be “business as usual.”




  1. To foster a culture of writing by providing strong encouragement and support for African authors.
  2. To expand the number and quality of publications by African authors.
  3. To identify needs of the many and diverse market segments, language groups, and cultural contexts throughout the continent in order to develop appropriate content to address those needs.
  4. To develop and promote excellent, relevant, well-researched, contextual, biblically sound content by authors who speak wisely and knowledgeably to the hearts and minds of readers.
  5. To distribute our authors’ works as broadly as possible by exploring cooperation with distributors and publishers in other nations and languages.
  6. To address logistical challenges by pursuing solutions such as shared shipping, offset printing on the continent, and print on demand.
  7. To encourage the continuous improvement of and training in publishing processes, including content acquisition, editing, designing, typesetting, production, marketing, sales, distribution, finance, and accounting.
  8. To build healthy, financially self-sustaining publishing organizations that effectively serve their intended audience.
  1. To bring books and other resources to market at prices that fit within the economic realities of various African contexts.
  2. To pursue excellence in our work and products out of love and respect for our readers and as a testimony to our Lord.
  3. To support our bookshop partners and also to explore new ways of reaching the millions of readers who do not have easy access to bookshops.
  4. To explore and implement various uses of electronic and social media to accomplish widespread distribution of our messages.
  5. To share with one another principles, practices, and technologies that have been tested and evaluated as most effective.
  6. To implement effective business practices that are consistent with our commitment to living out our Christian faith in our business dealings with others both inside and outside our organizations.
  7. To pursue fairness and integrity in developing contracts and paying appropriate royalties.
  8. To develop a means of tracking and providing continually updated information on African publishers, printers, available titles, and other resources.
We hereby recommit ourselves to the ministry of the published word for the cause of Christ, and we call others to join with us in strengthening a flourishing Christian publishing industry in Africa.


Mrs. Modupe Ehirim


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Jules Ouoba

Vice Chairperson

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Gathuku Kibunga

Executive Secretary

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Liz Patten


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Edward Elliott


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Tim Welch


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