ASROCO (Africa Speaks Round Table Consultation) 2024 will be a by-invitation only consultation bringing together select Christian publishing leaders working in Africa to dialogue about our main challenges and seek solutions. We need your help to identify those most invested in finding these solutions from our different countries to sit at the table.

Nomination Criteria

This ASROCO 2024 nomination process seeks to bring on-board all relevant individuals who reflect the rich diversity of Christianity on the African continent. Participants will be selected from diverse backgrounds including nationalities from Lusophone, Francophone, Anglophone speaking nations, denominational publishing houses, private entities, para-church organizations, authors and publishing houses.

The nominated individuals should meet the following criteria:

  • Passionate and active Christian dedicated to God’s Word and mission to reach all with the gospel.
  • Influential in Christian Publishing and committed to influencing society, and shaping culture with biblical truth and values.
  • Affirm the Africa Speaks Accord and committed to the ministry of the published word for the cause of Christ.
  • A reliable leader who is available to whatever partnerships outside his organization he/she commits to.
  • A leader who listens well to other leaders
  • A professional with knowledge, experience (success or failure) or solutions to any of the three thematic areas of focus:
    1. Moving Christian books across borders
    2. Penetration of other markets outside their own country of residence.
    3. Experience in running a publishing house and supervision of other publishing professionals.